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Using Google Plus

Using Google PlusIf you have not yet included social media in your marketing toolkit you are missing out on an unmatched opportunity. There are several reasons to use social media to promote your online activities not the least of which is improved exposure, but if you decide to expand with Google Plus you could end up with more options than some of the other social media choices. You already know the far reaching effects that Google has, but here are a few reasons why Google Plus might surprise you.

One of the first things you will notice is the ease of operation of this Internet giant. Things move much quicker and there is almost no delay as you negotiate through the site. But this is more than just a great site to work with, it also integrates many services into one, like the email, calendar, hangouts and don’t forget, the ability to store and share your photographs through one of the better photo apps around.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Google has managed to prove its capabilities in every area that it has touched, whether it is YouTube, Gmail or Search options, but some people will tell you that social media is a little bit more difficult to win over. It did not take long for Google plus to prove them wrong and now the Internet giant is up there with the rest of them.

Another reason why Google plus is the way to go is their authorship connection. Remember that powerful search engine that everyone wants to use when they want to “google something”? Imagine posting in the pages of google plus and being considered as a recognized author, especially if you are blogging for a living, how do you suppose that will help you promote your content?

It is true that you can promote through other social media, but there are only 2 other recognized search engines and neither are linked to the big named social media sites. There is a reason why marketing specialists suggest that you expand with Google Plus, because this is more than just a social media site, it is an entity, one that no serious minded marketing plan should be without.

Remember that share button on the other social media sites, while some have control of who sees their post, Google Plus has a lot better control when it comes to choosing where your content will be published. When you think about Google Plus, consider the next time you want to add someone to your email list, then instead of sending them an email blast, share content with them in a circle just for them. You could be sitting on a marketing goldmine, are you ready to use it?

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