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How Does Alarm System Monitoring Work?

home_alarmThe use of alarm systems has been growing rapidly in various parts of the world in recent times. Many people are using alarm security systems in homes and offices. In order for these security systems to work effectively, they have to be closely monitored. That is why when you have an alarm system, you ought to get a home security monitoring service to help with ensuring that the system is working as desired. The major problem however is that many people have never really gotten to understand how these alarm systems work and how they are monitored. Here is a glimpse into some of these elements.

Sensors in the Home or Office

Monitoring works through the use of sensors that are installed in homes and offices. These systems detect unlawful entry through the use of a myriad of methods. Doors and windows can be equipped with electronic contacts which trigger an alarm once they have been separated. Motion detectors on the other hand can sense movement in various parts of your home or office. There are instances where these same alarms can be configured only to receive and activate certain triggers such as motion detectors, when occupants are away while also continuing to keep external windows and doors active.

Alerting the Police

When a security breach occurs and the system is triggered, not only will you hear a loud alarm but an electronic signal is also sent to a monitoring office that is located thousands of miles away. This is because of the perception that people who are close to the alarm might take little or even no action simply based on the trigger itself. False alarms on homes, offices and cars have become very common in recent times and therefore people in the neighborhood might not treat your case with the seriousness that it deserves. In that case therefore, for a monthly fee, the monitoring office will be able to alert the police when an issue arises so that they can act promptly.

First of all, a call will be placed to the office or home where the alarm was triggered. This gives occupants the opportunity to tell the police whether the alarm was true or false. If the phone is not answered or a person answers in distress, the police will then be dispatched to take care of the situation at hand.


There is no doubt that alarm monitoring is a very lucrative business. The costs of monitoring the system and placing calls are however far exceeded by the monthly fees that are charged by the companies. On the other hand, when police are called over to any premises they abandon other tasks that they had been working on. It costs money for the officers to respond to the alerts as well. The problem again is that most of the alarms today actually turn out to be false.

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