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Affordability And Flexibility In Home Phone, TV, And Internet Deals With Kentucky Windstream

zcw21d78Not all companies are the same when it comes to offering TV, internet and phone service and customers want more choices on their plates when it comes to purchasing these service packages. Windstream is a company that offers affordable plans and includes side services to subscribers, and even rural communities have access to them. Windstream started off as a local small telephone company in Arkansas that over the years started partnering up with interstate telecom companies, eventually leading to Windstream communications, which now services up to 20 states across the country from New York to New Mexico, and you can get all you need in a Kentucky Windstream plan.

What’s In The Internet Speeds?

Consumers want internet speeds tailored to meet the specific needs they have all the way from small usage such as checking e-mail, reading articles and simple surfing to heavy gaming uses or high quality Netflix streaming. Windstream offers customers plans that range from 3 Mbps on the low usage end, to a speedy 24 Mbps for heavy usage and lightning download speeds. Along with the internet speed plans and installation, subscribers are given a router to run a wireless network in their home.

The TV Service

You can also get cable TV to go with your internet service, and Windstream’s TV is partnered with DISH Network to bring you a wide variety of high quality channels. Similar to the internet, you can subscribe to packages that meet your television needs. If you only need a small amount of channels to watch your favorite shows, news or sports events, you can subscribe to as little as 190 DISH channels, to over 320 if you need your HBO or movie-on-demand fill.

Bundling The Windstream Plans

One cost-saver is purchasing bundle plans in which you can buy TV, internet and home phone services all in one deal. Doing so puts a discount on all of the combined services and can save you money over the long haul. It can also save you shopping time and having to pay all different vendors.

Other Considerations

Windstream goes beyond just connecting customers to TV, phone and internet, they also have internet security plans available. Safety from malware and identity theft is becoming increasingly important in today’s world and through Windstreams security plans you can be protected from that. Windstream has technicians available for online support 24/7, and they can also repair your computer if it’s slowing down or showing signs of malware, and backup your data through a backup plan.

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